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We’re a product of where we come from and where we’re going. As farmers with over 20 years of experience, we believe the health benefits of the olive tree should be made readily available to all and want to educate people about the power and many uses of the olive, and how we can get it into your hands safely, naturally and without compromise. As part of Australia’s leading olive brand, we strive to maintain a reputation of bringing only the best quality of all natural products and we’re committed to maintaining this foundation for freshness far into the future.

Because of you, everything we do is pure. From cultivation to our processing and packaging processes, we believe you should be able to rely on us to deliver the purest, most wholesome and healthy products possible.

When it comes to wellness, your health is our only priority.


Wellgrove is an olive-based health and wellness brand that produces products made from the finest olive leaves sourced from our own groves. As Australia’s leading olive farmer, we are invested in planting, growing, and cultivating the healthiest olive trees to produce premium olive products.

With olive mills and olive groves situated across Australia and California, we guarantee purity, high-quality and traceability in everything we do, and embrace a No Waste Philosophy that makes use of each and every element of the olive fruit we’ve chosen to dedicate our lives to.



Get in touch with us today and experience the amazing Goodness of the olive tree.